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Best Farmers' Market Minneapolis 2009 - Mill City Farmers Market

Mill City Farmers Market

Mill City Farmers Market

704 2nd St. S.

Minneapolis, MN 55401


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All the local farmers' markets have one thing in common: great farmers. (Admittedly, they can be hard to find at the Minneapolis and Nicollet markets, choked among the vendors selling past-its-prime supermarket produce.) But most of the markets' locations feel like the city's leftovers, as they're often stuffed under a dingy freeway overpass or set up on an egg-frying-hot parking lot. Mill City Market is the only local market that hosts its farmers in a setting equal to their important community contributions, on prime riverfront real estate between the Guthrie Theater and the Mill City Museum, next to the picturesque Stone Arch Bridge. A former General Mills Flour Mill train shed shades a majority of the vendors, while musical performances, cooking demonstrations, and pens of live, cuddly chickens overflow onto the adjacent areas. Mill City Market focuses on local and sustainable wares, so there's plenty of fresh-picked produce, plus value-added goods like cheeses, caramels, ready-to-eat tarts, and bison burgers—in case all that shopping whets your appetite.

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This market is great if like two buy two maybe three things. Home made crackers, organic meats,and flowers. That's about it. It's perfect if you don't actually cook. Like the person that wrote that article. So if your a real person that doesn't want spend tons money on over priced crackers. Go to the real farmers market(located: 312 East Lyndale Ave North • Minneapolis). The local grown food is clearly marked. There are somethings not grown locally such as bananas, pineapple, mango, etc. They have live music, fresh lemonade(with half lemon still in the glass), fish tacos, home made caramel rolls, salsas, local made clothing, and much much more. The Mill City Market has a strong wind from the river and doesn't always look open. Although I strongly recommend buying meat from Fisher Farms.

Susan Berkson
Susan Berkson

Mill City is fun. Minneapolis Farmers Market is real. You're right, it is crowded, but it is crowded with real farmers. The handful of resllers is there to serve Minneapolitans who want bananas and pineapples and mangoes Year'round. Because Minneapolitans come from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Mexico, the Caribbean. They want to cook their cuisine and we want to serve them. That makes us a people's market. We are there 7 days a week to serve the people of Minneapolis. So join us.


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