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Best Club DJ Minneapolis 2009 - Jimmy 2 Times

Readers' Choice: Jake Rudh
Jimmy 2 Times really knows how to rock a party rock a party—and if you think that last part was a typo, it's a crying shame you haven't seen Goodfellas. The lingo behind Jimmy's "Get Cryphy" party might need some explaining, too: "Cryphy" is the wild-child offspring of "Crunk" and "Hyphy," regional hip-hop styles that encourage getting raw and rowdy on the dance floor, and the super-hype soiree has been a huge success in First Avenue's VIP Room for more than a year. While Cryphy is Jimmy's bread-and-butter residency (the first Friday of every month), the city's number-one party DJ guests at other dance nights, too: BOMP! at the Bedlam (last Friday of every month), King and I Thai (funky Wednesdays), and Señor Wong (first and third Saturdays of every month). A typical J2T set puts up tunes by everyone from Naughty by Nature to MSTRKRFT, throwing in his own productions and blends (he just redid Motown legend Edwin Star's "Twenty Five Miles"). His favorite, though? "Next time someone plays 'Hypnotize' at a crazy party, look at the crowd and tell me that those first two bars isn't epic." Spoken like a true DJ.
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Verb x
Verb x

First off i want to congratulate Jimmy on his being named best club dj andi score it as a win for real HIP HOP! But um dont you guys sponsor Get Cryphy? And has any Black dj ever won this award? Do you guys look at clubs that have a large Black patronage...I'm sure this criticizm is not new to you guys but as a dj for 12 years and has had successful nights for just as long... some diversity would be good! But again I love Jimmy Two Times! He and Plain Ole Bill,King Otto,Last Word,Fundo are doin some very hot shit and are extremely overlooked in These Hip Hop circles around here but its do to the fact that black hip hop artists outside of the RSE world don't get credit! I can honestly say that black dj's,mc's feel slighted when we who started hip hop are overlooked I'm every week at First Ave(like the last 12 years) Holla


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