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Best Bartender Minneapolis 2009 - Johnny Michaels at La Belle Vie

Johnny Michaels at La Belle Vie

Johnny Michaels at La Belle Vie

510 Groveland Ave.

Minneapolis, MN 55403


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What's your alcoholic attitude? Aristocratic as a g&t made with Earl Grey-infused gin? Funky as a black-cherry vodka mixed with cranberry juice, dried cherries, black pepper, and goat cheese? Or as playfully abstaining as a marshmallow Peep floating in a blue raspberry soda? Whatever your sipping preference, you'll be in good hands with Johnny Michaels, one of the Twin Cities' pioneering cocktail craftsmen. The dashing barkeep is most often found in the La Belle Vie lounge, but his influence is much wider, as he's designed the sophisticated, scratch-made drinks served at Barrio, Solera, Smalley's Caribbean Barbeque, and Cafe Maude. One of his newer creations, the Kingston, a refreshing mix of allspice rum and grapefruit spritzer, may be the best cocktail we've had all year. So do yourself a favor and surrender the car keys.
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Trish Gavin at Heidi's is the future. Go back to school. How's your organic chemistry these days, Microbiology?


Nice try. Trish Gavin at Heidi's will take you to school. How much do you know about microbiology, and advanced chemistry? She is the future.


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