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Best All-Ages Venue Minneapolis 2009 - Eclipse Records

Eclipse Records

381 Wabasha Street N.

Saint Paul, MN 55102


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Readers' Choice: First Avenue
After a multiyear hiatus and a long-awaited relocation from the Macalester campus to the final feet of University Avenue before St. Paul becomes Minneapolis, it's a grand pleasure just to write the name Eclipse Records once again. As it was a decade ago, Eclipse Records is a musical incubator, welcoming rock enthusiasts from both sides of the age of consent. Its pedigree is peerless—musical creatures great and small have breezed through to dazzle the underage set. Increasing its appeal as an all-ages venue? An enormous arcade of vintage machines and an extensive selection of all things pertinent in recorded music. Parents take note—your fondness for educational institutions is noble, but Eclipse Records will teach your kids everything they need to pass muster as a grownup.
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I agree 100% with pete. this must be a joke, I went there once saw music and bought an incredibly overpriced jazz disc. The music selection is horrible.

Saw a show the sound was god awful, I am a professional sound engineer and when i couldn't understand my friends vocals cause the sound was so shitty i decided to mix myself. since the sound guy wasn't in the room for 3/4's of the set i thought they didn't have one, only to get dirty looks from a guy for doing his job because he was too busy eating popcorn in the other room. I will NEVER see a show there again, i have been asked to run sound there as a favor for a long time friend and I told him no because im not that broke. and oh yeah, after buying my cd the store clerk broke the cd case trying to put the cd back in and offered me no discount. worst staff i have encountered any where, worst sound I have heard, and worst music selection i have seen at any record store.

Anthony Taylor-Gouge'
Anthony Taylor-Gouge'

Yea, i think he's right. Now that i think about it, i was never even aware that the garage had music there. Or ever had bands play for that matter. Well its probably a good thing you're not a "music venue" then. See as how it would probably be noted as a failure. I love your educational stature! Bravo Garage!

Bobby Olson
Bobby Olson

Wow, I am at a loss for words right now. Hey Erick your website says "THE GARAGE is a community center / music venue operated by the City of Burnsville."

Sounds like your a little confused; but then again, it's pretty typical of a government institution.

Eric Billiet
Eric Billiet

I�d like to congratulate Eclipse Records for winning the Best All Ages award. I�ve never been, but it sounds like a nice place.I�m also disappointed the City Pages decided to insult THE GARAGE with the dig on �educational institutions�. We�re proud to be an educational institution and have never claimed to be a music venue. But if the City Pages feels strongly enough about the quality of THE GARAGE to publicly insult us without explanation, then why recognize it as the best all ages venue for the last several years? Couldn�t the award to Eclipse Records been enough without a parting shot at THE GARAGE? Why insult the thousands of THE GARAGE alumni as not passing muster?Eric BillietTHE GARAGE Manager

Bietz's Friend Pete
Bietz's Friend Pete

I walked over to Eclipse for Independent Record Store Day, and found it to be vastly overrated. The music selection was, in a word, horseshit.

I kind of got the impression that Eclipse is the hobby of some rich kid, and not a viable business. I haven't been there for a show, but I would never go back to purchase music. Kind of a bad deal for a record store.

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