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BEST YOGA Minneapolis 2008 - St. Paul Yoga Center

Yoga, or "union" in the classical Indian language, Sanskrit, is about balancing one's body with one's mind—finding serenity and calmness while strengthening one's physical self. For that reason, yoga shouldn't be overpriced or commercial, and you shouldn't walk into a studio to find clones of beautiful, thin people who see yoga only as a way to burn calories. Unlike many of the trendier studios popping up around the Twin Cities, the St. Paul Yoga Center hosts people of all shapes, sizes, ages, colors, and genders in its three studios. The center offers a variety of courses for beginning and advanced levels, as well as classes for children, seniors, and expecting couples. It only takes one class at the center to know that the people practicing here don't see yoga as a once-a-week thing. Here, students learn how to incorporate breath and the silence of the mind into their everyday life. They learn the meaning behind specific poses and the eventual goal of their chosen yoga practice. At the St. Paul Yoga Center, students learn how to turn a yoga class into a lifestyle.

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