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BEST VEGETARIAN DINER FOOD Minneapolis 2008 - Highland Grill

Highland Grill

Highland Grill

771 Cleveland Ave. S.

St. Paul, MN 55116


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When it comes to great diner food, most entrées contain some sort of meat product. Meatloaf, hamburgers, and BLTs are classic diner staples, after all. And although many vegetarians have a sweet tooth, making a dinner of pancakes or side dishes when dining out with carnivorous friends can get pretty old. Highland Grill is a classic grill with a twist, and though they mostly have a meat- and breakfast-loaded menu, they also serve several notable veggie-friendly dishes. The egg salad is anything but the gag-inducing dish you've had in cafeterias. Curried with just the right level of spices, the tangy, salty, fatty mix is served on toasted sourdough bread so thick you could use it as a pillow. Same goes with the grilled cheese, which of course is a diner staple, but how many times have you had it with cheddar, Cotswold, and homemade chutney? It may be a meat-eating world out there, but at least we still have options.

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