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BEST TEA SHOP Minneapolis 2008 - La Société du Thé

La Société du Thé

2708 Lyndale Ave. S.

Minneapolis, MN 55408


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Sure, in our super-caffeinated coffee world, tea doesn't get a lot of attention. Like people who drink Dr. Pepper instead of Coke, fans of tea will probably never be as numerous as those of coffee, but they're at least as passionate. Any genuine tea freak should appreciate La Société du Thé, an excellent place to relax and indulge in an ancient ritual far more civilized than dunking those $4 Bigelow tea bags. In this charmingly quaint café you'll find teas by the cup or pot, as well as dozens of loose-leaf teas to take home. The scope of tea is impressive, and indicative of the beverage's worldwide appeal: rooibos, a fruity, petal-flavored tea from South Africa; pu-erh from China, with leaves that are aged from two to 20 years and are said to have medicinal qualities; delicately sweet white tea from China; and the ever-popular green tea from Japan, India, and China.

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