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BEST TAKE-HOME BEER Minneapolis 2008 - Summit Pale Ale

Yes, we've tried Surly Furious. We think it's a lovely beer, and we drink it frequently. Yes, the four-pack is quite innovative, if not a tad overpriced. That said, we would like to suggest a pale ale that has been doing its hoppy thing since before it was the trend. Though Summit has a variety of brews, both seasonal and year-round, their Pale Ale is the flagship beer. Brewed since 1986, each pint is a lovely golden color, hoppy, and perfect for sitting on a porch in the summertime, binging on pizza. Even better? Taste doesn't come at a price; most Summit brews will only set you back $6 to $8 for a six-pack, $10 to $12 for a twelve-pack.

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