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BEST RESTAURANT FOR OUTDOOR DINING Minneapolis 2008 - Stone's Restaurant and Lounge

Why drive all the way to Stillwater for outdoor dining? For the same reason that, mid-summer, Highway 95 transitions from thoroughfare to parking lot: The historic river town is a beautiful place to walk by the river, stop in the gift shops, and watch all the motorcyclists and antique shoppers. When you need a break from it all, head to the patio at Stone's Restaurant and Lounge, in the Grand Garage building on Main Street. The patio is huge, which gives you a better chance of snagging one of the tall cocktail tables—a perfect perch from which to sip a Skyy-Bacardi-Sapphire Stillwater Ice Tea. The terrace is tucked into a hill and landscaped with all manner of limestone, flowers, prairie grasses, and enormous stones (in case you forgot where you were). It even has a fire pit and a waterfall. The kitchen serves just the sort of things you want to eat in summer: calamari, BBQ ribs, burgers, Asian chicken pasta salad. Pair your meal with a margarita and an order of the baked Alaska, and they'll have to drag—or roll—you out of your private cabana.

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