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BEST RESTAURANT FOR APPETIZERS Minneapolis 2008 - Café Maude

Café Maude

Café Maude

5411 Penn Ave. S.

Minneapolis, MN 55419


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In the mood for something light? If you can manage to pick your way through the convivial crowd to the bar at Café Maude, the restaurant has a number of ways to reward you for your trouble. On a cool spring evening, try the smoky, sensual roasted corn chowder with avocado and bacon, and let the soup warm you from the inside out. Or nosh on a nutty, sophisticated piece of bucheron cheese with fig molasses ($4) while you suck down the restaurant's trademark Black Bunny ($8.50), a blackberry mojito assembled with a precision that would put most molecular biologists to shame. Between the seasonal greens, artfully selected cheeses, and the grilled flatbreads, Maude presents the hungry snacker with an embarrassment of riches that can turn a nocturnal nibble into a full-on feast.

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