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BEST RADIO PROGRAM AFTER MIDNIGHT Minneapolis 2008 - The Root of All Evil

The Root of All Evil

The Root of All Evil

1808 Riverside Ave.

Minneapolis, MN 55454


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For two decades, metal heads, insomniacs, and partying drunks have stumbled onto The Root of All Evil, where host Earl Root and a rotating cast of companions play the best and worst (and trust us, sometimes the two are the very same) of the various strains of heavy metal. Though you will hear it all each week during the show's five hours—from power to black to death to blackened death to neo-power deathly blackened thrash—Root and the gang have a real affinity for the cheesiest of the cheese. It's all far more dork than dark, and the silly jokes just get sillier as the night goes on. They also have a deep love for what they do (who else would spend their Saturday nights trapped at the KFAI studios on the West Bank broadcasting to who knows how many listeners?), and it's entirely likely that Root will have that rare track from new-wave British heavy metal act Diamondhead that you've been wanting to hear. By the way, if you ever wanted proof of how much of a crazy quilt the KFAI broadcast schedule is, take note: The show right after The Root of All Evil is a gospel program.

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