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BEST PHARMACY Minneapolis 2008 - Schneider Drug

Schneider Drug

3400 SE University Ave.

Minneapolis, MN 55414


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True, Tom Gupta's drugstore is among the last independently owned pharmacies in the Twin Cities, with the others countable on a Simpsons hand. And yes, it is also one of the great local bastions of civic engagement. His political salons, with attendees crammed into the narrow aisles of his cavernous store, have long attracted the DFL party's top brass—everyone from Paul Wellstone to Al Franken. But never mind Gupta's independence or political chops: The man's a hell of a druggist. Put it this way: If you can name a local pharmacist with a greater knowledge of prescription drugs from Adderal to Zoloft, you're probably lying.

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I am trying to find the best place to take my prescription in Calgary.  I am new to the area and don't know any reputable and efficient pharmacies.  Are there any that are the national brand that I could use?



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