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BEST PARKING LOT Minneapolis 2008 - The one behind the Mixed Blood Theatre on the West Bank

If you think there's no clear-cut, hands-down best parking lot in the Twin Cities, you're,'re actually right. No parking lot stands curb-and-asphalt above the rest. But that's not stopping us from christening the one behind the Mixed Blood Theatre on the West Bank as the best. It meets all the criteria: 1) Affordability—six bucks gets you all-day parking in the 85-space lot. Evenings and weekends? Three bucks. 2) Location—situated on the corner of Cedar Avenue and Fourth Street, the lot provides easy access to West Bank watering holes and concert venues. 3) Availability—there's usually no shortage of space, even on weekends. Lastly, and most importantly: there seems to be a scarcity of parking attendants. (Shirk payment at your own risk.)

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That sounds like a well planned parking lot. The price and space seems great. Do they keep the asphalt in good shape? How close is it to shopping and businesses?

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