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BEST PANCAKES Minneapolis 2008 - The Bad Waitress

The Bad Waitress

The Bad Waitress

2 E. 26th St.

Minneapolis, MN 55404


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Pancakes have certain curative powers: to quell hunger, to soothe a broken heart over a gossipy brunch, and to help soak up the toxins from a legendary evening. They hold within their tenderly crusted surfaces a warm, buttery center of comfort that recalls one's childhood security blanket. For your money, the most reliably tasty pancakes are found at the hipster diner the Bad Waitress. One can certainly find fancier pancakes around town—more creative, more organic, more traditional—but none are more consistent and substantial than those at the Bad. These breakfast miracles are a weekly staple for many patrons, and their seasonal pancake recipes are especially noteworthy. Last fall's pumpkin cakes were reminiscent of a subtle pound cake. And this winter's cherry chocolate-chip combo went down like a happy, melty, sweet-tart accident. When in doubt, stick with the blueberry; stacked high to overflowing, they are nearly divine.

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