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BEST NEW BRIDGE Minneapolis 2008 - Hiawatha Bridge

In a year of collapsing bridges, we have to take our hats off to a new bridge that got it right. This pedestrian and bicycle bridge spans Hiawatha Avenue and is as beautiful to look at as it is to cross. Thanks to its innovative suspension beam, the bridge looks like a sailing ship at full mast and doubles as a piece of public art. Although the $5.1 million price tag was a bit steep, it's money well spent for the No. 2 bicycling city in the nation. Hopefully next year we'll be giving this award to the new 35W bridge.

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Ha! The new $5 million bridge is kind of ridiculous. I commute by bicycle to St. Paul from Minneapolis every day for work, and it simply doesn't make sense for me to use it.

Why on earth would I go a block out of my way (and uphill, no less) just to cross the street? You have to cross the street in less attentive traffic a block back!

Seems like a pork barrel project to me.....


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