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BEST MOJITO Minneapolis 2008 - Babalú

Not sure about what a mojito is? Though in the past it's resided in the realm of obscure cocktails, as of late the mojito has seen a resurgence on drink menus around the city, and has even been made into an Orbit chewing gum flavor. Traditionally served in a Collins glass, this Cuban beverage consists of muddled fresh mint (fresh is key), lime, rum, carbonated water, and sugar (sugar cane juice or simple syrup). When it comes to the best mojito around town, Babalú, a Cuban bar in the Warehouse District, has an obvious advantage. The mix here manages to hit the right notes, being both sweet (but not overwhelmingly so) and refreshing; it tastes of everything that is good about summertime, and it's worth every penny the $7 drink will cost you. Added bonus: The subtly alcoholic drink also serves as liquid courage for anyone venturing out on the dance floor (be sure to practice your tango skills beforehand).

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Orbit� is right! Too many fools have for too long made this Che-refresher with gooey things like Lim�nd Sprite. It's not supposed to be a kiddie drink, for Fidel's sake. Grow up, and be refreshed! And get that cud outta there before you serve it--- who needs a straw-clogging wad of chewed-up gunk? Kudos to Nando for not overcharging, too. That makes me want to have more than one, y'know.


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