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BEST LOCAL MUSIC COMPILATION Minneapolis 2008 - Foreclosure and Eviction

Times are tough for local musicians who want airplay. Request a local song on any Clear Channel-affiliated station around town and you'll probably be answered with a silent phone. So it's fitting that Homegrown's last CD was dubbed Foreclosure and Eviction. Homegrown began in 1996 as a single local song played during a late-night radio shift on KQRS. It grew to be a much-loved hour-long radio show featuring live performances from local musicians. Eventually jumping stations to Drive 105, the program was canceled in 2007 after 11 years. Apparently Love 105 didn't share our love for local music. Homegrown's swan song CD is loaded with a mish-mash of the stuff that made the show great, from rap to folk to pop, including Brother Ali's "Uncle Sam Goddamn," Trampled by Turtles' "Like an Empty House," MC/VL's "Rock the Party Right," Jeremy Messersmith's "Novocain," P.O.S.'s "P.O.S. Is Ruining My Life," and Little Man's "Come Undone," among others. Try slotting that kind of variety into a Top 40 playlist.

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