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BEST DMV Minneapolis 2008 - Midtown Exchange DMV

Midtown Exchange DMV

Midtown Exchange DMV

2929 Chicago Ave. S.

Minneapolis, MN 55407


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The list of activities we'd rather do than wait in line for vehicle tabs could rival the contents of the Oxford English Dictionary. But as with any form of torture, there are degrees of misery, and what gets you through are the tiny graces. So it is at the Midtown DMV. The pampering starts with a play area: a scale model of a city bus where fussy toddlers are distracted with climbing and steering and calling out imaginary stops. Then there are the TV screens, which broadcast a brilliant blend of public service announcements and home videos of dogs, cats, and parrots doing things that make humans laugh. And when your number is up, it's like the people at the counter are there to help. It's a novel concept, and we're hoping it catches on.

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the dmv has forgotten its role as a public servant a long time ago.they were originally created to provide us people with roads and to maintain them.That was it. End of story.Now they police them and tell us who can drive on them,when we can drive on them,and have their gang(state troopers)stealing from people who drive on the peoples roads.How does a servant tell their master that they cant use the property they are paid to maintain?I say lets fire them.Permanently close their positions so they can never be used against us by communists again.Ever.The first thing we gotta do to fire a government department like the dmv is to stop paying them.Drive without plates,tabs,and licenses.I found that my car runs just fine without their products or permission.Police will give you a hard time about it because they are also dmv employees.Just tell them your license is in washington dc andit was filed for over 240 years ago.then as youre on your way to jail and they are stealing your car politely inform them about the pitfalls of communism and government theft. Dont worry bout going to jail,everyone goes to jail sometime in their life,and if going to jail for standing up to communism and oppression sucks just imagine what veterans had to put up with when they stood up against communists for freedom.Pretty soon they wont have enough room in our jails for us and they wont be getting paid for stealing from us so they wont have any workers cause even thieves need to be paid if they gonna show up.that would solve the dmv problem but we all got to do our part and stop paying them.I gotta go to jail next month for not paying them so if you want to help then do like i did and tell them to shove it.Those roads are ours and we will use them as we please.we are ungovernable! 


You guys must be talking about a different place.

I'm a southsider born and raised, but every DMV in the suburbs I've been through is shittin on this one. I don't really care about a playground or TV set up. Politeness, efficiency, wait time: all garbage at the Midtown DMV. The only thing this office has going for it is location.

The entire DMV needs oversight, because the employees don't give a fuck and aren't held accountable by anyone. I nearly didn't make a trip I planned two months in advance, because after three trips to the DMV and numerous calls to people who said they weren't responsible, they couldn't get it together enough to replace my ID in the space of sixty days.

We need to fire 90% of the employees, get some quality control, and start from the ground up. I pay for that nonsense.


Too bad it is impossible to find to Mpls newcomers!!!


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