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BEST COMIC BOOK SHOP Minneapolis 2008 - Big Brain Comics

Big Brain Comics

Big Brain Comics

1027 Washington Ave. S.

Minneapolis, MN 55415-1246


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We know a comic book fan who once sent a girlfriend into a local comic shop. No, it wasn't a practical joke; he was sure she'd be impressed by its selection of offbeat magazines. Big mistake. His friend returned verifiably creeped out. See, girly-bombs like her rarely make appearances in comic book shops, and apparently the hobbits couldn't stop themselves from leering. This was discouraging news indeed. Happily, recent visits to various comic shops have restored faith in the deportment of their employees. In every instance, expectations of surliness were erased by notably helpful clerks. Comic shop employees understand the labyrinthine lay of their land and are usually ready to help you navigate them or to recommend something new to read. So selecting a winner in this category was no "gimme." While most shops provide outstanding service and selection, they remain a bit dark and cluttered. Big Brain wins for two reasons. Its shelves are crammed the same as the others, but a visit to this open downtown shop feels more colorful than claustrophobic. And the sheer breadth and depth of its inventory makes it the Cities' best selection of new comics. You'll find whole sections bursting with superhero, independent, anime, and kids' comics. The toys, books, and magazines are judiciously limited and appeal to Big Brain's regulars. Go, bring a kid with you, and maybe even...a girlfriend.

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When I Went There The Service Was Great And when i went there to look for Marvel zombies And They had it ! =D


Sorry to say, but the service at Big Brain has been nothing but rude to me whenever I have gone there. It's funny the article should talk as much as it does about girls because I don't think Big Brain wants anything to do with their business; I know several girl friends of mine got this same treatment.

I used to go to college not far from it, and in the four or five times I went in instead of going elsewhere, the cashier never even looked me in the eye when I bought the few comics I was too cheap to drive to to "The Source" in Falcon Heights for. On top of that, the selection of graphic trades and back issues is not in any way diverse.

Speaking of the The Source Comics and Games in Falcon Heights: go there instead. They have a much better selection, the staff is friendly and helpful, and no one will glare at you with silent judgment like the comic book guy from The Simpsons.


Umm- girls and women read comics too.

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