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BEST TV WEATHERPERSON Minneapolis 2007 - Sven Sundgaard

Sven Sundgaard
Readers' Choice: Belinda Jensen
A warm front moved into our high-pressure regions when St. Paul-born Sven Sundgaard left KBJR in Duluth in March 2006 to become the weekend meteorologist on KARE 11. Sven's the kind of meteorologist you want to take home to explain global warming to your mother: a sweet, young charmer who also happens to know his hygrometer from his wiresonde. When he's not enchanting us with a highly speculative long-range forecast, Sven can be found swimming with sharks in Hawaii, kayaking shirtless on Cedar Lake, and training for marathons, photos of which are proudly displayed on his KARE 11 blog. (Sundgaard's off-duty outfits reveal that he has a healthy esteem for his biceps.) His online diary breaks down that whole local-TV-personality-as-celebrity contrivance with family photos and regular updates on the Baroness Abigail von Goat, who rules over the Sundgaard hobby farm in Cottage Grove. Does Dave Dahl have a goat with implied royal lineage? We didn't think so.
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Far from the best. More like spoiled exhibitionist weirdo.


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