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BEST PLACE TO LEARN TO DANCE Minneapolis 2007 - Zenon Dance Company and School

If you go to local hip-hop shows, you might have noticed something new in recent months: an influx of younger b-girls—not entirely polished, but unmistakably schooled. Ask these confident beginners where they learned to pop, lock, and body rock, and they'll invariably tell you: "Zenon." Founded in 1983 by Linda Z. Andrews, the renowned Minneapolis-based dance company and school offers a wide array of classes: modern, jazz, ballet, tap, yoga, belly dancing, Pilates, African, improv, and hip-hop. Known for its commitment to community outreach, Zenon prices its instruction affordably: That African class, with its live percussion echoing down the halls of the Hennepin Center for the Arts, carries a tuition of $12 per class, $100 for the full ten-week session. Your money also gets you a discount on Zenon Dance Company performances, which are well worth seeing.
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