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BEST PLACE TO BE SEEN WITH YOUR MOTORCYCLE Minneapolis 2007 - Dulono's Pizza

Come on, admit it. You like to ride but you also like to park and stand next to your bike, hoping the "cool" is dripping off you like sweat in the summer, eyeing members of the opposite sex or that wicked new custom. For better or worse, the place to do this is the "First Thursday" gathering at Dulono's Pizza in Uptown. As the name implies, First Thursday is held the first Thursday of each month, starting sometime after 5:00 p.m. and going till Dulono's closes. The crowd, which can reach a few hundred in the summer, is wide-ranging, from the portly Boss Hoss boys to the squidly Star Boyz types. Local luminaries do make occasional cameos. Ironically, the guys that started First Thursday, the North Owners Club, have been driven off by the crowd, with their meeting place now a tightly held secret. Be warned that the scene gets raucous as the night wears on, and the neighbors are less than enthusiastic about the noise and hubbub. You will see everything here from $50 rat bikes to $100,000 customs.
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Jeff A.
Jeff A.

I have been going to "First Thursday" for years now and I found the article for the most part to be true.The only thing not accurate is your estimate of a "few hundred" people showing up.For the past few years there are a few THOUSAND people that show up for this night when the weather is nice.Last night (8-6-09) was huge turnout with thousands of people gathered for several blocks around.

Jeff A.Coon Rapids Mn.


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