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BEST PET ADOPTION Minneapolis 2007 - A Rotta Love

If ever there was a dog breed that needed a good publicist, it's the Rottweiler. Thankfully, there's the poetically named A Rotta Love, which has a three-pronged mission: rescue, adoption, and, perhaps most important, education. Tiffany Huebner founded A Rotta Love after falling in love with a Rottweiler—and with the rescue process by which she became an owner. In addition to fostering and re-homing strays, Huebner and her staff emphasize training, both of the dogs and their potential owners. In addition to adoption info, A Rotta Love's website contains numerous Pit Bull and Rottweiler resources, plus tips on which insurance companies discriminate against households with "dangerous breeds" (there's that smear campaign again).
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