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BEST LOCALLY GENERATED BLOG (LEFT-WING) Minneapolis 2007 - The Cucking Stool

In a concerted effort by us to appear fair and balanced, it's only right that the best local left-wing blog, like its counterpart Faith Mouse, should feature an animal as protagonist. Written by an anthropomorphized Dalmatian from Edina named Spot, and MNObserver, a lawyer and mother from St. Paul, the Cucking Stool delivers its partisan bons mots with humor, bordering on partisan snark but tempered by the self-deprecating notion that the author poops in the backyard and drinks out of a toilet. Spot, that is—not MNObserver. The site also benefits from MNObserver's legal background, especially when dissecting current events such as the firing of U.S. attorneys, the Blois Olson vs. Michael Brodkorb lawsuit, the Scooter Libby trial, and the suit brought forth by the flying imams against U.S Airways. Tightly written, with cited excerpts, external links, and a refreshing lack of vitriol, the Cucking Stool won't make you feel like you need a tick bath after reading it.
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