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BEST JUNKYARD Minneapolis 2007 - U-Pull-R-Parts

There's a reason customers at U-Pull-R-Parts grin while they sweat behind wheelbarrows full of engine parts. They're getting the best deals on used auto parts in the state. And the economic principle behind those exhaust manifolds ($12), alternators ($19), and car doors ($39) is older than the rusted-out Honda Civic dying in your garage: Cut out the middle man. Whereas most junkyards will happily charge you an arm to do the legwork of finding the part you need and yanking it from some dead car's guts, U-Pull turns you loose to scavenge. Two bucks gets you into the massive yard, where thousands of crippled autos lay waiting to unveil hidden treasures. If the car you're looking for has been picked over, come back a week later, as the place is constantly restocked with "new" vehicles waiting to be gutted. Or check their website, which keeps track of all the available parts in a searchable inventory. All cars on the property have been drained of their fluids and batteries, so customers are safe to hack away with abandon once they've found the part they seek. Wheelbarrows are supplied, but tools aren't, so bring your own.
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I've bought lots of used car parts in my life. It's easier to find what you need, as well as cheaper. Besides, I kind of enjoy the challenge of putting it in myself and getting maximum value for my dollar rather than having someone do it for me. Used parts are the way to go. 


It’s a great auto parts store, as I’ve dealt with them few times. Their way of dealing is also good and the condition of parts they provide is amazing. So you can consider this place while buying parts. One more place similar to this is called where you can get used auto parts at decent price range.


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