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BEST CONCERT VENUE Minneapolis 2007 - Varsity Theater

To be honest, the Varsity could've won a number of categories, including Best Place to Have a Wedding, Best Bar-Mitzvah Venue, maybe even Best Place to Watch a Movie That's Not an Actual Movie Theater (which, of course, it was in its original incarnation). But the multipurpose venue is ideal for concerts. Resurrected just over two years ago, the Varsity boasts a spacious floor, an elevated seating area that provides multilevel sightlines, a high-grade sound system, and a certain swanky elegance that complements whatever pop debauchery might be unfurling onstage. And if a club's only as good as its concerts, well, no qualms here. Between Mark Mallman's legendary New Year's Eve show, the Scion-sponsored series of rap concerts that brought GZA and Redman to town, and an almost-weekly lineup of buzz-worthy local bands, there's always a decent excuse to catch this venue in its full splendor.
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