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BEST CAR WASH Minneapolis 2007 - Mermaid Car Wash

Climbing into a freshly scrubbed and vacuumed car feels like sliding into clean sheets after a bubble bath. For just $12.99, Mermaid Car Wash will put your little automotive pal through the wash, vacuum out its insides, and wipe down the cloudy windows and crumb-dotted consoles. If you want to upgrade to the Car Care Package for $16.99, they'll add in a clear-coat wash, chassis bath, and a spritz of new-car smell. And for $24.99 you get the ultimate wash, which includes getting the trunk vacuumed and the tires scrubbed. After the wash, your now-shiny automobile gets a smooth hand drying, making sure every spot gets wiped down before you head off for an afternoon cruise in your vehicle of happiness.
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