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BEST BIKE SHOP Minneapolis 2007 - One on One Bicycle Studio

One on One Bicycle Studio

One on One Bicycle Studio

117 Washington Ave. N.

Minneapolis, MN 55401


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Readers' Choice: Erik's Bike Shop
It's the little things that elevate these stylish North Loop grease monkeys above their peers. The coffee shop in the front of the store certainly helps, giving chilly bike messengers a place to warm up and talk shop. And the bike-themed art that decks the exposed-brick walls is also a pleasure, proving One on One's interest in bike culture goes beyond mere commerce. But the thing that really propels this little independent operation is the knowledgeable service of owners Gene and Jennifer Oberpriller. The power couple is a keystone in the local bike scene, having been part of everything that makes Minnesota cycling great: Surly bikes, the Stupor Bowl, the Cars-R-Coffins 'zine, and even Greg LaMond himself. In other words, they know their stuff, and when Gene and his crack mechanics aren't throwing after-hours keggers in the back room, he's happy to pass that knowledge on to customers. Whether you want to trick out your fixed-gear, catch up on the latest in ultra-light carbon fiber technology, or just get from here to there with the fewest squeaks possible, One on One has what you need. If your ride is ready to give up the ghost, you'll no doubt find a replacement somewhere in the building, whether in the high-end showroom or the basement junkyard, where the staff has been amassing bikes, frames, and parts of all makes for over a decade. But beware: Once downstairs, the scrounging is up to you. Most customers seem to enjoy the hunt, though; as any cyclist will tell you, getting there is half the fun.
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