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BEST BEER SELECTION IN A BAR Minneapolis 2007 - The Muddy Pig

The Muddy Pig

The Muddy Pig

162 N. Dale St.

St. Paul, MN 55102


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According to Chinese astrology, it's considered good fortune to bear children during the year of the pig—which it happens to be. We're not advising you to go mate-shopping at our own pig—that is, the Muddy Pig—but it's a known truth that prospective partners look better after a few pints. This Selby-Dale watering hole featured a redoubtable menu of hoppy beverages even before its tap capacity climbed earlier this month. The selections are scrawled on a big black chalkboard, evidence that the Pig's beer menu is an ever-evolving smorgasbord. "We change, on average, two to three tap beers a week," notes owner Paul Schatz. "It's fun for us. We, after all, like beer, and it means there is always something new." In addition, there are 50-plus types of bottled beer to choose from. Local breweries are well represented with selections from Summit, Surly, and the upstart Flat Earth always available on tap for $5. You can also count on finding several beers with sufficiently high hops content to make your socks roll up and down, like Rush River Bubblejack IPA ($5). But the emphasis here is on Belgian beers. You can get the old standbys, like Stella Artois and Hoegaarden. Or opt for something more exotic. There's Rochefort 10, a Trappist ale that has a whopping 11.3 percent alcohol content (and goes for a whopping $10.50), or De Ranke XX Bitter, billed as the "hoppiest beer of Belgium." Of course there is also Miller Lite. As the Pig's menu notes: "If you must drink light beer it might as well be Miller."
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