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BEST ART CINEMA Minneapolis 2007 - Oak Street Cinema - CLOSED

Art cinema isn't curated by corporations; you don't stack up a year's worth of Publisher's Clearinghouse mailings and call it literature. And while a museum can do reasonably well by the "art" half of the "art cinema" equation, it ain't "cinema" to us unless it's seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, with popcorn in the lobby. Thus our best art cinema is also our only one: Oak Street. This year, under the stewardship of local art-film godfather Albert Milgrom, the theater deemphasized revivals in favor of key area premieres, including Kelly Reichardt's melancholy Old Joy and David Lynch's batshit Inland Empire. Still, Oak Street's best booking this year was both new and old: Jean-Pierre Melville's Army of Shadows, unseen in the U.S. in almost four decades. If we who love movies in Minnesota can't figure out a way to keep this place open (and that includes pressuring the powers that be), then maybe we don't deserve it.
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