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BEST THRIFT STORE Minneapolis 2006 - Unique Thrift store

Unique Thrift store

Unique Thrift store

1657 Rice St.

Maplewood, MN 55117


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Readers' Choice: Unique Thrift Store

This St. Paul thrift store is paradise for OCD sufferers. Despite its function as a giant receptacle for random used goods, everything at Unique Thrift store—from travel-size shampoos to teeny bottles of gold glitter paint—can come in handy for any random ocassion. Recently broke a leg and are in search of a pair of used crutches for under five bucks? They have their own spot here, neatly arranged next to the $10 weed whackers. Along with rows of electronics, exercise equipment, and clothes (nine aisles of women's that are 10 racks deep), Unique has clean pairs of white socks that hang on pegs, a section for straw hats, '80s striped-fabric belts, and designated spots for both extra-furry toilet-seat covers and bowling balls. The store's orderly design and plethora of cheap used goods creates the ultimate environment of reasonably priced rummage.

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