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BEST PUB QUIZ Minneapolis 2006 - Brit's Pub

Brit\'s Pub

Brit's Pub

1110 Nicollet Mall

Minneapolis, MN 55403


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The explosion of Irish Pubs in non-Irish cities over the last 15 years has brought to our shores traditions like watching soccer at 8:00 in the morning, drinking two-tone beer, and being expected to know which country besides Spain borders both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Kieran's, Kip's, and Keegan's, among other local Irish pubs, have monthly, sometimes weekly, pub quizzes, but when the scores are posted on the doors, it's that roomful of Englishers, Brit's, that comes out on top. On the first Tuesday of every month, the Long Room is packed to the rafters with teams of four or five, tossing down pints and taxing their brains. Quizmaster Shane Higgins asks six rounds of trivia questions, twelve questions per round, including current events questions, a celebrity picture round, and a music round in which snippets of tunes in need of an artist and title are played. Scores and answers are given after each round to cheers and groans. Keegan's is a bit of a free-for-all held in the middle of the bar with a roaming quizmaster and non-quizzing patrons mingling about, and Kieran's lost their star quizmaster John Cosgrove to Kip's last year, but he'll be back after he returns from Ireland. Reservations are required for the Brit's quiz, and it fills up almost immediately after the prior month's quiz takes place. Oh, and that other country? Morocco, for two points.

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