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BEST COFFEE (BY THE POUND) Minneapolis 2006 - Peace Coffee

Peace Coffee

Peace Coffee

3262 Minnehaha Ave. S.

Minneapolis, MN 55406


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Readers' Choice: Peace Coffee

Wake up and change the world. Put a little peace in your cup: Peace Coffee's French Roast, satiny dark, so rich and hefty you want to sip and savor it with a spoon. These premium beans are tenderly roasted in small batches, then delivered to stores not by gas-guzzling trucks but by fleece-and-flannel-clad peddlers on bikes (some toting 400-pound trailers 40 miles daily). Peace pays a fair price to the farmers to help cover their costs of growing organically as well as for the organic certification—almost twice what the other fair-trade competitors pay. Peace growers can farm sustainably and earn sustainable incomes, affording them a life on their land. Peace supports the birds and bugs who live in the glorious canopy of rain forest trees, unharmed by chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Peace employees earn median hourly wages well above minimum. Peace Coffee retails for a measly $9.95 a pound, for styles ranging from light bright Guatemalan to deepest, blackest espresso. Love Peace; Peace, love, one sip at a time.

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