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BEST CHOCOLATE Minneapolis 2006 - Legacy Chocolates - CLOSED

Legacy Chocolates

Legacy Chocolates

2042 Marshall Ave.

St. Paul, MN 55104


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Forty-one percent. 58.5 percent. 73.5 percent. 85 percent. Does that .5 percent really matter? When you're talking cocoa content—and you're talking with Micheal Roberts—it does. Roberts started Legacy Chocolates, with locations in St. Paul and Menomonie, Wisconsin, four years ago. And he knows that, while cocoa content is king with chocolate lovers, more is not always better. His truffles encased in chocolate made with 41 percent cocoa are subtle and light. His 85-percenters pack a just slightly bitter punch. He wraps his carefully calibrated chocolate around truffle centers flavored with champagne, green tea, chipotle, cointreau, and whatever else strikes his fancy, but you'll have to stop by the store to see what's available on any given day. And, while you're there, pick up a bottle of concentrated cold-press coffee, available year round, to make an ethereally smooth cup of joe to go with your perfect truffle.

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