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BEST BURGER (GOURMET) Minneapolis 2006 - Joe's Garage - CLOSED

Joe\'s Garage

Joe's Garage

1610 Harmon Place

Minneapolis, MN 55403


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You think you can't improve on a good old American quarterpounder with cheese? You don't know how wrong you are. You could marinate the beef as if it were spicy Korean bulgogi and top it with a mild kimchee ($10). You could start with ground pork or yellowfin tuna and add Japanese sparks like ginger and wasabi ($12). You could finally give the much-maligned turkey burger what it deserves: flavors made to complement the fowl of the air, not the beast of the earth, like a garlicky basil pesto ($10). You could go all Mediterranean with ground lamb, olives, and feta. If you did all those things—and did them right, so that the turkey was not dry and the lamb was not gamey and all the Asian flavors still felt comfortable on a homey white bun—well, then you'd be at Joe's Garage. And if you put Joe's fat, crispy fries or creamy whipped potatoes on the plate next to those burgers, well, then your customers would be eating the best gourmet burgers in the Twin Cities.

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