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BEST TOBACCONIST Minneapolis 2005 - Golden Leaf Tobacco

Golden Leaf Tobacco

Golden Leaf Tobacco

907 West Lake St.

Minneapolis, MN 55408


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The main problem at Golden Leaf is finding enough room for all the plaques the shop wins year in, year out. Clearly, these folks are doing something right. We think it has something to do with their exhaustive selection: As always, you'll find a wide array of cigars, pipes, and loose tobacco. Can't find those wicked German smokes you discovered in Munich? Look no further. The Golden Leaf's famed walk-in humidor still boasts upward of 800 stogies from the world's finest producers. Better still, you're welcome to fire one of those bad boys up -- right there in the store. How's that for Minneapolis, circa 2005? If your tobacco desires are a little more low-rent, and maybe you just need a pack of Luckies and a Powerball ticket, this is still the place for you. Every smoking enthusiast is welcome here: The folks at Golden Leaf have never sneered at lowbrow ways, and they're not about to start.

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