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BEST SINGLE-ARTIST SHOW Minneapolis 2005 - Beauford Delaney

Beauford Delaney

Beauford Delaney

2400 3rd Ave. S.

Minneapolis, MN 55404


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This exhibit had two tales to tell: one of the mid-20th-century American painter Beauford Delaney, whose modern art style changed dramatically when he moved from New York to Paris, and the other of Sue Canterbury, assistant curator of painting and modern sculpture at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, who spent five years searching through private collections to find forgotten works by this underappreciated artist. A master of color, Delaney painted in New York during the '40s and '50s, and counted Georgia O'Keeffe and Henry Miller among his friends. During that time, his urban streetscapes and portraits favored a moody, painterly, post-Impressionist style. When he relocated to Paris, his work became less centered on objects and eventually became abstract expressionism. This exhibit could have also been called "The Hunt for the Cut-Up Raincoat," because the work that bridged Delaney's styles, according to Canterbury, was rumored to have been painted on a cut-up raincoat. Canterbury eventually tracked it down, along with other works from both sides of the Atlantic. The exhibit, now gone from the MIA, is on tour to select galleries in the States throughout this year.

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