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BEST PLACE TO WATCH A MOVIE OUTDOORS Minneapolis 2005 - Loring Park

Loring Park

Loring Park

1382 Willow St.

Minneapolis, MN 55403

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How fitting that our favorite movies-in-the-park series would devote its latest season to the films of Hollywood's consummate outsider. Nicholas Ray remains best known for his mid-'50s teen angst epic Rebel Without a Cause (screening August 1). But the director's whole jittery oeuvre is about put-upon rebels--strung-out patriarchs, misanthropic screenwriters, bull-dyke cowgirls, Jesse James, Jesus Christ--who struggle to express themselves in a stifling climate: Not for nothing is one of Ray's trademark works called In a Lonely Place (July 25). The communal vibe one feels in front of the Loring screen will make the movies' own poignant search for community seem, in the words of another Ray title, bigger than life.

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