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BEST PLACE TO TAKE OUT-OF-TOWN GUESTS Minneapolis 2005 - Midway Stadium

Midway Stadium

Midway Stadium

1771 Energy Park Drive

St. Paul, MN 55108


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Readers' Choice: Mall of America

For out-of-towners intrigued by Minnesota's most famous attractions, there's always the Mall of America with its Ferris wheel and log flume in the middle of three floors of stores. For those less interested in a behemoth trophy dedicated to consumerism, there's Minnehaha Falls and the Sculpture Garden, both of which are must-do afternoon trips for almost every out-of-town guest. But what can visitors do in Minnesota that they can't do anywhere else in the world? Attend a baseball game that features a pig as a ball boy, certified massage therapists in the stands, a place for special hot-tubbing parties, and hilarious between-inning fat-suit races that are often more entertaining than the game itself. Besides, a St. Paul Saints game is the only place guests can get a true taste of Minnesota culture (fatty food combined with a twisted sense of humor and people complaining about the sweltering heat when the mercury has barely topped 80) while enjoying one of summer's greatest pastimes in the process. And with tickets as low as $4, you can bring along the entire wedding party and still have money left over to pay for parking.

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