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BEST PLACE TO RENT FOREIGN FILMS Minneapolis 2005 - Intercontinental Video

The connoisseur's purveyor of world cinema for the home retains its long-held title the old-fashioned way: by accumulating more and more and more titles. It still pains us to note that some of the tapes that melted in the fire here a few years back may well never be replaced, as even the savviest DVD producers haven't gotten around to burning copies of old obscurities from Bergman and Ozu, Zhang and Renoir. But the discs, which now outnumber the cassettes, are piled floor to ceiling here--some so new that the films haven't even opened in area theaters yet. (Shhhh.) The method of "organization" is still highly mysterious, but it doesn't much matter since owner Om Arora is his own walking encyclopedia of global film; he's almost always in the store, and he'll gladly tell you if he has what you're looking for and where to find it. And Arora takes requests, too.

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