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BEST LOCALLY GENERATED WEBSITE Minneapolis 2005 - How Was The Show?

Tireless local-rock evangelist David de Young and his hardy band of contributors (most notably Cyn Collins and Karla Ludzack) have created a nearly comprehensive guide to local live rock. The sheer number of shows they witness and write about is flat-out remarkable. In February alone--a month in which even the most devoted music scenester is tempted to huddle on the couch with a blanket and a bottle of wine--they managed to chronicle 18 different gigs, ranging from the 23rd Annual Battle of the Jug Bands at the Cabooze to art-metal veterans Queensryche at First Avenue. The site also provides a comprehensive set of links to local music venues and resources, as well as de Young's immensely informative (if sporadically updated) blog. The write-ups can occasionally be clunky and overly reverential, but that's certainly understandable. As de Young noted in a recent pan of Norwegian duo Kings of Convenience, "If a show is horrendous, we often don't write about it so we can save precious writing and editing time for the awesome shows we live to share with you."

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