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BEST GAY BAR Minneapolis 2005 - 19 Bar

19 Bar

19 Bar

19 W. 15th St.

Minneapolis, MN 55403


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Readers' Choice: The Gay 90's

In the Queer Eye era--one of exfoliation, aromatherapy, seaweed wraps, etc.--some on the outside might forget that not every gay man in America wants his bikini line waxed. In fact, every queer guy could use a little straight eye once in a while, and that's where the 19 Bar comes in. Established in 1952, this little watering hole a couple of blocks east of Loring Park has all the best attributes of a workingman's (and drinkingman's) joint. The oldest running gay bar in the city has three pool tables that are in constant play, a jukebox that mixes plenty of rawk with its club trance, and more blue-collar beer signs than you could wave a manicured pinkie at. Who can do those soulless upscale (and downscale) dance clubs every night, anyway? Besides, some soused lip locking is pretty common by the end of the night, a testimony to the friendly vibe of the place. It's that kind of camaraderie--and the cheapest drinks in the neighborhood--that makes the 19 such a necessary hangout.

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