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BEST CHOCOLATE Minneapolis 2005 - Just Truffles

Just Truffles

Just Truffles

1326a Grand Ave.

St. Paul, MN 55105


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At best, the folks at Just Truffles are wonderfully humble people; at worst, they are liars. Walking into the house that serves as their aromatic headquarters, it's pretty obvious they've got a lot more going on than mere truffles. In fact, there's a whole display case stacked with trays of non-truffle entities including coconut clusters, vanilla caramels, and cherries floating in a rosy syrup within dark chocolate shells. But what about those truffles? First of all, if you glance past the counter, you can witness as they're hand-dipped and decorated. The final product is about the size of a golf ball and blessed with a buttery, fluffy filling so rich that sharing is required. They come in over two dozen unique flavors including peppermint crunch, plum wine, and Luciano Pavarotti's favorite, the Tenor's Temptation, a mixture of coconut cream and Malibu rum. We haven't discussed the matter with him, but it's a fair bet that the man knows his chocolate.

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