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BEST BLOODY MARY Minneapolis 2005 - Ike's Food & Cocktails

Ike\'s Food & Cocktails

Ike's Food & Cocktails

50 S. Sixth St.

Minneapolis, MN 55402


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Question: Can one drink be everything to everyone all of the time? Answer: Yes, if the drink in question is the estimable Bloody Mary at Ike's. For those purists who prefer that their cocktail act like a cocktail and not a meal, this Bloody is first and foremost a cocktail, though it is rather heavily garnished with celery, pepperoncini, pickled onion, jalapeño, black and green olives, and lime. Each Bloody is mixed fresh when you order (as well it should be at $7.25 apiece) with the classic combination of Tabasco, Worcester sauce, horseradish, ground pepper, and the key ingredient, Sacramento Tomato Juice. Can't say why, but it's just the best. And of course there's the obligatory beer chaser. Now if you prefer that your cocktail act like a meal, you'd best order the "weekender" ($9 and available only on Wednesday afternoons--kidding--only during weekend brunch). That behemoth of a drink comes with everything the regular has plus a second skewer that holds a beef stick, a stick of American cheese, and a big, fresh peeled shrimp. If that doesn't ease your aching stomach, there's always the brunch, which is equally grandiose.

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