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BEST SINGLE-ARTIST SHOW Minneapolis 2004 - Holzschuh's exhibit

Holzschuh\'s exhibit

Holzschuh's exhibit

3012 Lyndale Ave. S.

Minneapolis, MN 55408


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We could all use a Don Holzschuh to make us look good. For almost 25 years, the painter has been transforming Minneapolis streetscapes on canvas with a bright palette: painting sidewalks turquoise, boulevards purple, and White Castles as though they were attractive landmarks. Holzschuh has used all parts of our fair city as muse, even the ugliest concrete spaces, and created a body of work that could be called an extreme makeover success. The paintings chosen for Holzschuh's exhibit last December at Flanders were dynamite: The bright colors and strong brushstrokes acted like a sunlamp, recharging those of us dismayed by the gray winter sky outside. Through this artist's eye, a neighborhood takes on a new and slightly idealized form on a two-foot-by-two-foot scale. The Flanders Gallery itself will be adopting a new shape after bailing on the Warehouse-cum-Frat Party District, and will inhabit a new Lyn-Lake space in June.

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