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BEST NATURAL FOODS GROCERY Minneapolis 2004 - Mississippi Market

Mississippi Market

622 Selby Ave.

St. Paul, MN 55104


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Readers' Choice: The Wedge Community Co-op

Whether you shop at natural grocery stores out of dietary necessity or because you're a selective eater, Mississippi Market has you covered. Looking for free-range chicken broth? No problem. Green tea and ginger root ice cream? They've got it. Gluten-free pizza crust? Yup. Vegan jello? Check. The deli, always a mark of a good grocery store, contains items ranging from all-natural meats to hundreds of cheeses, curried lentil salad, and hummus. Why pay for packaging when you can buy in bulk? Save money checking out the tons of staples available in bulk, such as brown sugar, rice, and oatmeal, as well as rarities like thistle, polenta mix, and fennel. But that's not the only way to save money--often people assume that natural foods grocers are more costly than the average supermarket. While some items are certainly more expensive, there are also deals to be had. For example, Reed's Original Ginger Brew was about two dollars less than it would be at a regular grocery, and several commercial tempeh and tofu products ran about 50 cents cheaper as well. With deals like this, you can afford to stop by the juice bar on the way out.

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