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BEST GARDEN CENTER Minneapolis 2004 - Bloomsbury Market

Readers' Choice: Bachman's

If a slightly eccentric British blueblood opened the garden shed of her estate to the public, it might look something like Bloomsbury Market. The place is crammed with garden statuary, birdbaths, benches, pots, gardening tools, gloves, pots, vases, French seed packets, jackets, clogs, clippers--plus, of course, annuals, perennials, herbs, shrubs, mulch, fertilizer and potting soil. Whew! But this isn't the half of it. Bloomsbury Market is home base for Bloomsbury garden fences, gazebos, arches, and trellises made of corrugated iron (coming unfinished to weather and rust, or in a lacquered black.) Bloomsbury also sells Cressida Bell's hand-painted velvet scarves, lampshades, note cards, and knickknacks. The folks at Bloomsbury are generous with gardening advice as well. The place smells of soil and myrtle, musty gardening books and damp wicker. Its frayed elegance is whimsical and charming, full of pleasures found at the finest estate sales.

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