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BEST CD STORE/TRAVEL AGENCY/HAIR SALON Minneapolis 2004 - El Tropico travel agency/Meta Morfosis salon

Sometimes you want a cheap haircut. Sometimes you want a CD of Mexican hip hop. Sometimes you just want to get away from it all. Well at Música y Algo Más (a.k.a. El Tropico travel agency, a.k.a. Meta Morfosis salon), you can have the first two for less than $25, and the third for free--if you count daydreaming about vacations as escape. And if not, the place rents videos, too, and offers guitar lessons. A Spanish-language music retailer with thousands of discs, this store near Minnehaha Parkway follows a model familiar to many ethnic entrepreneurs catering to specific communities: The place is an all-in-one stop. The difference is the rich variety of the music covering the walls: This hangout sports everything from Puerto Rican rap to cumbia dance music to the latest accordion-powered album from St. Paul's own Conjunto Viento Norteño. Come for one thing. Stay for the other. Leave with something else.

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