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BEST BAND TO BREAK UP IN THE LAST 12 MONTHS Minneapolis 2004 - The Crush

Maybe they were trying to break your heart. Onstage, this local pop-punk band played Paxil-spiked emotive rock to a room full of people who would always be teenagers in their minds. And for a while, they lived their fans' high school dreams: The Crush released two albums on the Bay Area record label Adeline, which is run by the band's childhood hero Billie Joe Armstrong, and opened for Armstrong's band Green Day at Wembley Arena, where they mouthed off to a soccer field full of punks. But a late name change to the Fast Luck turned out to be bad luck for the kinetic group with the foppish haircuts and razored riffs to match. So they broke up. Most bands do it eventually. They'll tell you that it's not you, it's them. But after hearing about a long list of rumored side projects, we suspect the band members are seeing other people.

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