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BEST VIDEO RENTAL Minneapolis 2003 - Nicollet Village Video

Nicollet Village Video

1601 Nicollet Ave. S.

Minneapolis, MN 55403


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If Quentin Tarantino had chosen to bring his video-clerking experience to Minneapolis instead of Miramax, we like to think he'd be employed at this expansive storage facility for the film buff's most catholic tastes. Here, in-between duties at the checkout counter, Quentin could curate an in-store film festival that pulled from a superb collection of rare widescreen tapes (Happy Together! Ride in the Whirlwind! Le doulos!), a studiously assembled slew of documentaries, and nearly 60 shelves full of anime and Asian action. And when he got fired for letting the kids linger in front of Baise-moi, he could still come back and rent four movies for four days for five bucks (new releases not included).

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